The telemedicine community readiness model-successful telemedicine implementation and scale-up

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To successfully scale-up telemedicine initiatives (TIs), communities play a crucial role. To empower communities fulfilling this role and increase end users' acceptance of TIs, support tools (from now on entitled artifacts) are needed that include specific measures to implement and scale up telemedicine. Addressing this need, the article introduces the Telemedicine Community Readiness Model (TCRM). The TCRM is designed to help decision-makers in communities to create a favorable environment that facilitates the implementation and scale-up of TIs. The TCRM is a practical tool to assess communities' readiness to implement TIs and identify aspects to improve this readiness. The development process follows a design-science procedure, which integrates literature reviews and semi-structured expert interviews to justify and evaluate design decisions and the final design. For researchers, the paper provides insights into factors that influence telemedicine implementation and scale-up (descriptive role of knowledge) on the community level. For practitioners, it provides a meaningful tool to support the implementation and scale-up of TIs (prescriptive role of knowledge). This should help to realize the potential of telemedicine solutions to increase access to healthcare services and their quality.

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Das Telemedizin-Community-Readiness-Modell – erfolgreiche Implementierung und Scale-up der Telemedizin


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