Characterization of the Energy Release Rate in Electro-Active Polymers by the Material Force Approach with Application to Fatigue Life Prediction

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This work describes the numerical implementation of a formulation for material forces within an electro-mechanically coupled finite element framework for electro-active polymers (EAP), along with a method to simulate and predict the fatigue life of EAP by material forces. The finite element framework is based on the theory of finite deformations, and quasi-incompressibility of the material is considered, where a Q1P0 finite element framework is used to treat the volumetric locking. Path dependence of the implemented material forces is studied. Additionally, the effect of the applied electric field on the crack behaviour is analyzed. Next, the relation between material forces and the energy release rate is examined for EAP. Finally, the effect of an applied electric field on the fatigue life of the material is simulated.


FachzeitschriftEngineering Fracture Mechanics
AusgabenummerPart A
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - Nov. 2022

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  • Electro-active polymers, Energy release rate, Fatigue life, J-integral, Material forces