Black-box identification of grid-side filter circuit for improved modelling of single-phase power electronic devices for harmonic studies

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  • Elias Kaufhold - , Technische Universität Dresden (Autor:in)
  • Jan Meyer - , Technische Universität Dresden (Autor:in)
  • Peter Schegner - , Technische Universität Dresden (Autor:in)


This paper presents an identification methodology for filter circuits of commercially available power electronic devices based on laboratory measurements. The filter circuit is one of the main components with significant impact on the harmonic behaviour, in particular for modern power electronic devices. The generic approach does not require detailed knowledge about the circuit layout and is applicable for all single-phase power electronic devices where a voltage measurement on both sides of the filter circuit is possible. Current measurements on the circuit board, which are usually not practicable, are not required. The model parameters of the filter circuit are represented by two admittances for each considered frequency. The parameter identification is based on the analysis of the frequency couplings of power electronic devices. The proposed method is validated by simulations and exemplarily applied for a commercially available photovoltaic (PV) inverter in the laboratory. The measurement-based parameter identification can also provide more reliable results compared to the white-box simulation of a particular device, as the partly large manufacturing tolerances of the elements are inherently considered in the measurements.


FachzeitschriftElectric power systems research
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - Okt. 2021
Extern publiziertJa

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  • Converter, Filters, Harmonics, Modelling, Power electronics, Power Quality