Auditory-Tactile Experience of Music

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We listen to music not only with our ears. The whole body is present in a concert hall, during a rock event, or while enjoying music reproduction at home. This chapter discusses the influence of audio-induced vibrations at the skin on musical experience. To this end, sound and body vibrations were controlled separately in several psychophysical experiments. The multimodal perception of the resulting concert quality is evaluated, and the effect of frequency, intensity, and temporal variation of the vibration signal is discussed. It is shown that vibrations play a significant role in the perception of music. Amplifying certain vibrations in a concert venue or music reproduction system can improve the music experience. Knowledge about the psychophysical similarities and differences of the auditory and tactile modality help to develop perceptually optimized algorithms to generate music-related vibrations. These vibrations can be reproduced, e.g., using electrodynamic exciters mounted to the floor or seat. It is discussed that frequency shifting and intensity compression are important approaches for vibration generation.


TitelMusical Haptics
Redakteure/-innenStefano Papetti, Charalampos Saitis
ISBN (elektronisch)978-3-319-58316-7
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2018


ReiheSpringer Series on Touch and Haptic Systems : SSTHS

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