Arrangement and expression of integrated adenovirus type 12 DNA in the transformed hamster cell line HA12/7: amplification of Ad12 and c-myc DNAs and evidence for hybrid viral-cellular transcripts

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In the genome of the adenovirus type 12 (Ad12)-transformed hamster cell line HA12/7 about three copies of the viral DNA are fixed by integration. The results of blot-hybridization, molecular cloning, and nucleotide sequencing experiments suggest a model for the arrangement of Ad12 DNA molecules in which the left hand terminus of one of the Ad12 DNA copies is linked to unique hamster DNA. The right hand end of this DNA molecule is fused to an inverted copy of a left terminal approximately 4.3 kb fragment of Ad12 DNA. This ensemble is followed by the second Ad12 DNA copy whose right terminus is again joined to an inverted, supernumerary left terminal approximately 4.3 kb Ad12 DNA fragment. There is a third Ad12 DNA copy whose right terminus is linked to cellular DNA. In this sequence arrangement, the left terminus of Ad12 DNA is overrepresented, as had been shown earlier (S. Stabel, W. Doerfler and R.R. Friis (1980) J. Virol. 36, 22-40). In the presented model, cellular DNA sequences are interspersed in between the three copies of Ad12 DNA. In the left terminus of the integrated Ad12 DNA, transcription of RNA is initiated which extends out into cellular DNA. The interviral DNA junctions are also transcribed. The c-myc gene in cell line HA12/7 is amplified about 10-fold and considerably more c-myc RNA has been identified in the Ad12-transformed cells than in BHK21 or in LSH hamster cells. It has been shown previously that the E1 region of Ad12 DNA is transcribed into mRNA in HA12/7 cells (Ortin et al. (1976) J. Virol. 20, 355-372). It remains to be investigated whether c-myc amplification and expression are related to the transformed phenotype of HA12/7 cells.


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