Applications of wood ash as a construction material in civil engineering: a review

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Wood resources, including wood materials and wood fuel, have been widely used since the beginning of human society.
Today’s surging demand for buildings and energy has made people more dependent on wood, and as a result, the world
produces tens of millions of tons of wood ash every year. How to manage and reuse these wastes has gradually aroused
people’s concern. Among many beneficial management options, this paper focuses on civil engineering, the world’s most
energy-intensive and resource-consuming sector. Through reviewing the research on using wood ash in concretes and
mortars, geopolymers and alkali-activated materials, road construction and soil stabilization, bricks, panels, and other
green construction materials, this paper explores the possibility and potential of using wood ash in civil engineering.
Given the current situation of preferentially studying mechanical properties, this review further discusses some research
questions, such as the limitation of wood ash itself, costs, environment, and standards and regulations, hoping to improve
the commercialization and valorization of wood ash.


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FachzeitschriftBiomass Conversion and Biorefinery : Processing of Biogenic Material for Energy and Chemistry
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