An ultra-light carbon concrete bridge: From design to realisation

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The demand on the building of the future is to conserve resources and save CO2. The use of innovative building materials and their combination as well as the optimisation of structures with regard to the force flow are essential components to reach this goal. The potential of hybrid concrete construction is demonstrated by means of an exhibition bridge made of carbon concrete and infra-lightweight concrete.
The CarboLight Bridge is part of the modernization of the Deutsches Museum in Munich towards future-oriented innovations. With a length of 9.5 m, the bridge is designed as a filigree structure consisting of two gently inclined V-shaped columns, a three-sectional superstructure and a construction weight of only 2.1 t. The force-flow-optimized shape and the sandwich structure of the superstructure play a major role in this. The three-layer structure varies in height between 60 and 160 mm. The biaxially curved bottom side and the flat top layer are made of carbon concrete. The layer in between is made of infra-lightweight concrete with an oven dry density of less than 800 kg/m³.
By means of parameterized 3D modelling, the geometry was optimized in terms of load transfer and design. For this purpose, an interface to a FEM software was programmed, which enables a quasi-simultaneously determination of the effects of a geometry change on the load transfer
Based on the final 3D model, the formwork was manufactured from milled plywood. To test the assembling, appearance and load-bearing capacity of the bridge and individual segments, a test sample of the bridge was manufactured and tested.
This article deals with the progress from design up to the assembly of an ultra-light bridge made of carbon and infra-lightweight concrete. Furthermore, test results and the performance of hybrid concrete elements are shown.
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Eine ultraleichte Carbonbetonbrücke: Von Entwurf bis zur Realisierung


TitelConcrete Innovation for Sustainability
ISBN (elektronisch)978-2-940643-15-8
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Titel6th fib International Congress
UntertitelConcrete Innovation for Sustainability
Kurztitelfib 2022
Dauer12 - 16 Juni 2022
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