An enriched phase-field method for the efficient simulation of fracture processes

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The efficient simulation of complex fracture processes is still a challenging task. In this contribution, an enriched phase-field method for the simulation of 2D fracture processes is presented. It has the potential to drastically reduce computational cost compared to the classical phase-field method (PFM). The method is based on the combination of a phase-field approach with an ansatz transformation for the simulation of fracture processes and an enrichment technique for the displacement field as it is used in the extended finite element method (XFEM) or generalised finite element method (GFEM). This combination allows for the application of significantly coarser meshes than it is possible in PFM while still obtaining accurate solutions. In contrast to classical XFEM / GFEM, the presented method does not require level set techniques or explicit representations of crack geometries, considerably simplifying the simulation of crack initiation, propagation, and coalescence. The efficiency and accuracy of this new method is shown in 2D simulations.


FachzeitschriftComputational mechanics
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 4 März 2023

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  • Brittle fracture, Crack propagation, Enrichment, Phase-field, Xfem, XFEM