Alpha and theta band activity share information relevant to proactive and reactive control during conflict-modulated response inhibition

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Response inhibition is an important instance of cognitive control and can be complicated by perceptual conflict. The neurophysiological mechanisms underlying these processes are still not understood. Especially the relationship between neural processes directly preceding cognitive control (proactive control) and processes underlying cognitive control (reactive control) has not been examined although there should be close links. In the current study, we investigate these aspects in a sample of N = 50 healthy adults. Time-frequency and beamforming approaches were applied to analyze the interrelation of brain states before (pre-trial) and during (within-trial) cognitive control. The behavioral data replicate a perceptual conflict-dependent modulation of response inhibition. During the pre-trial period, insular, inferior frontal, superior temporal, and precentral alpha activity was positively correlated with theta activity in the same regions and the superior frontal gyrus. Additionally, participants with a stronger pre-trial alpha activity in the primary motor cortex showed a stronger (within-trial) conflict effect in the theta band in the primary motor cortex. This theta conflict effect was further related to a stronger theta conflict effect in the midcingulate cortex until the end of the trial. The temporal cascade of these processes suggests that successful proactive preparation (anticipatory information gating) entails a stronger reactive processing of the conflicting stimulus information likely resulting in a realization of the need to adapt the current action plan. The results indicate that theta and alpha band activity share and transfer aspects of information when it comes to the interrelationship between proactive and reactive control during conflict-modulated motor inhibition.


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FachzeitschriftHuman brain mapping
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  • Alpha power, EEG, Eeg, LCMV beamforming, Proactive control, Response inhibition, Theta power, Time-frequency analysis, alpha power, proactive control, response inhibition, theta power, time-frequency analysis, Brain, Frontal Lobe/physiology, Inhibition, Psychological, Humans, Electroencephalography, Theta Rhythm/physiology, Gyrus Cinguli, Adult, Prefrontal Cortex/physiology