A Universal Standard Archive File for Adsorption Data

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New advanced adsorbents are a crucial driver for the development of energy and environmental applications. Tremendous potential is provided by machine learning and data mining techniques, as these approaches can identify the most appropriate adsorbent for a particular application. However, the current scientific reporting of adsorption isotherms in graphs and figures is not adequate to reproduce original experimentally measured data. This report proposes the specification of a new standard adsorption information file (AIF) inspired by the ubiquitous crystallographic information file (CIF) and based on the self-defining text archive and retrieval (STAR) procedure, also used to represent biological nuclear magnetic resonance experiments (NMR-STAR). The AIF is a flexible and easily extended free-format archive file that is readily human and machine readable and is simple to edit using a basic text editor or parse for database curation. This format represents the first steps toward an open adsorption data format as a basis for a decentralized adsorption data library. An open format facilitates the electronic transmission of adsorption data between laboratories, journals, and larger databases, which is key in the effort to increase open science in the field of porous materials in the future.


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PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 13 Apr. 2021

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PubMed 33797923