A simple method for the determination of sensitivity to density changes in sand liquefaction

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Fully saturated loose coarse-grained soils are known to be prone to liquefaction. Conventional laboratory tests for soil liquefaction include usually cyclic testing in triaxial apparatus. However, such investigations are complicated and time-consuming. The objective of the outlined work is to evaluate the sensitivity of different sands to density change with respect to liquefaction using a relatively simple method. This method enables a fast setup of the tested specimen and a subsequent investigation of the pore water pressure build-up during cyclic shearing within a short time. The results have confirmed a good repeatability of the new method as well as an expected dependence of the pore pressure build-up on initial density. Validation of the method was performed using the results of cyclic triaxial tests. A good agreement between both methods was observed regarding the rate of the pore pressure increase with initial density. Furthermore, it was shown that the initial fabric of soil has a larger impact on the pore pressure build-up during cyclic loading than the relative density.


FachzeitschriftOpen Geomechanics
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2020

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ORCID /0000-0002-9222-3361/work/142245020



  • Liquefaction, cyclic triaxial test, soil fabric, laboratory tests, cyclic shear test