9-Month observational Dia-Vacc study of vaccine type influence on SARS-CoV-2 immunity in dialysis and kidney transplant patients

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BACKGROUND: SARS-CoV-2mRNA vaccination related seroconversion rates are reduced in dialysis and kidney transplant patients.

METHODS: We evaluated nine months follow up data in our observational Dia-Vacc study exploring specific cellular (interferon-γ release assay) or/and humoral immune responses after 2x SARS-CoV-2mRNA vaccination in 880 participants including healthy medical personnel (125-MP), dialysis patients (595-DP), kidney transplant recipients (111-KTR), and apheresis patients (49-AP) with positive seroconversion (de novo IgA or IgG antibody positivity by ELISA) after eight weeks.

FINDINGS: Nine months after first vaccination, receptor binding domain (RBD) antibodies were still positive in 90 % of MP, 86 % of AP, but only 55 %/48 % of DP/KTR, respectively. Seroconversion remained positive in 100 % of AP and 99·2 % of MP, but 86 %/81 % of DP/KTR, respectively. Compared to MP, DP but not KTR or AP were at risk for a strong RBD decline, while KTR kept lowest RBD values over time. By multivariate analysis, BNT162b2mRNA versus 1273-mRNA vaccine type was an independent risk factor for a strong decline of RBD antibodies. Within the DP group, only time on dialysis was another (inverse) risk factor for the DP group. Compared to humoral immunity, T-cell immunity decline was less prominent.

INTERPRETATION: While seroconverted KTR reach lowest RBD values over time, DP are at specific risk for a strong decline of RBD antibodies after successful SARS-CoV-2mRNA vaccination, which also depends on the vaccine type being used. Therefore, booster vaccinations for DP should be considered earlier compared to normal population.


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