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QUIC, when transport evolves but security deployment does not

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4 Dez. 2023


Global Connect is the key scientific event of the Paris Research Center (PRC) in the DataCom domain.

Held yearly since 2019 and now in its 5th edition, Global Connect focuses on bringing together the most prominent experts to discuss and share their knowledge & views about the latest trends and evolution in the networking fields – in 2023, the seleted topics include Protocol innovation, DCN and DCI engineering for AI/LLM applications.

The workshop includes 8 presentations and two panel discussions, where guest speakers and Huawei experts will share their insights and perspectives on the current challenges and future opportunities in presented topics.


TitelGlobal Connect 2023
Dauer4 November 2024
BekanntheitsgradInternationale Veranstaltung


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