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Integrated force monitoring system for a spinal implant

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23 Sept. 2022


Concept and first results of the EKFZ project iSpine

Spinal column pathologies are among the most common diagnoses in ambulatory medical care. Nowadays, aside of restoration of spinal integrity, patients health-related quality of life (HRQOL) gets more in the focus of treatment, especially during the indication process. Evidence based analyses clearly demonstrated the need for secure spinal restoration in the case of spinal instability to reach a satisfactory postoperative quality of life. Therefore, knowing the healing dependent status of the spine by the measurement of the respective mechanical properties is of central interest for the organization and planning of the medical treatment.

The main goal of the project is the realization of an in-operando determination of the loads acting on spinal implants and their analysis for diagnostic purposes. Thus, monitoring of the healing process and the therapeutic strategy as well as the quality of treatment should be significantly improved.


TitelEKFZ InnoDays 2022
Dauer23 - 24 September 2022



  • Spine column restoration, function-integrated spinal implant, healing dependent behavior, in-operando load measuremen