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A Web-Application for Measuring Spatial Accessibility in Health Planning

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7 Juni 2023


The planning of health care facilities and the analysis of the medical care situation are complex topics that generally involve geographical and, specifically, settlement topographical, methodological, data-driven aspects. However, formal analyses and planning in the field of healthcare usually only touch on the aspects or do not fully include some of them. As a result, the complex situation is often not accurately. This paper addresses the multidimensional challenges planners and analysts face. Solutions to overcome these hurdles thanks to improved data availability and more advanced technical and methodological possibilities are presented. For this purpose, a Web-Application is proposed that enables planners without GIS knowledge to interact with method components via parameter adjustments. Subsequently, it is examined whether the technical prerequisites for the implementation of a Web-Application for health planning, in particular for outpatient demand planning and analysis, are given and make a proposal for implementation. Finally, the advantages, disadvantages and possible complications of using this Application in health planning and analysis, including critical points of implementation, will be addressed.


Titel26th AGILE Conference on Geographic Information Science
UntertitelSpatial data for design
KurztitelAGILE 2023
Dauer13 - 16 Juni 2023
BekanntheitsgradInternationale Veranstaltung
OrtTU Delft


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