Reuse potential of architectural glass products - Case study: Rathaus, Dresden

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A building's facade is the filter between the internal and external environments and may dominate the operational energy requirements and green hause gas (GHG) emissions of a building through its thermal trarn;mittam:e, solar gains, daylight requiremenb; and air leakage. A wellperforming facade, and one that is well-matched to the use of the building, will help prolong
the sustainable life of a building ( CWCT , 2021). A key component to every facade is glass, a highly durable and infinitely recyclable construction material, but in practice only a small portion of architectural glass products at the end of the first life cycle re-enters the value chain.
This project work will explore the reuse potential of windows of the Rathaus, Dresden, which are being replaced as part of the ongoing energy retrofitting of the building.


Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2023
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