pi-Extended peri-Acenes: Recent Progress in Synthesis and Characterization: Recent Progress in Synthesis and Characterization

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Nanographenes (NGs) with open-shell character have gained intense attention due to their potential applications in future organic nanoelectronics and spintronics. Among them, NGs bearing a pair of parallel zigzag edges, such as acenes and peri-acenes (PAs) bestow unique (opto)electronic and magnetic properties owing to their localized non-bonding π-state. However, their reactive zigzag edges impart intrinsic instability, leading to the challenging synthesis. The recent development of synthetic strategies provided access to several π-extended PAs, which were considered unrealistic for decades. Notably, their laterally π-extended structures of zigzag-edged graphene nanoribbons was realised via on-surface synthesis. However, synthesis of π-extended PAs in solution is still in its infancy, more intensive scientific efforts are needed to surpass the existing challenges regarding stability and solubility. This Review provides an overview of recent progress in the synthesis and characterization of PAs through a bottom-up synthetic strategy, including on-surface and solution-phase chemistry. In addition, views on existing challenges and the future prospects are also provided.


Original languageEnglish
Article numbere202101428
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JournalEuropean journal of organic chemistry
Issue number13
Publication statusPublished - 9 Feb 2022

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  • Graphene nanoribbons, Heterocycles, Nanographenes, peri-Acenes, Radicals