Incommensurate and multiple-$\boldsymbol{q}$ magnetic misfit order in the frustrated quantum spin ladder material antlerite, Cu$_3$SO$_4$(OH)$_4$

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In frustrated magnetic systems, the competition amongst interactions can introduce extremely high degeneracy and prevent the system from readily selecting a unique ground state. In such cases, the magnetic order is often exquisitely sensitive to the balance among the interactions, allowing tuning among novel magnetically ordered phases. In antlerite, Cu$_3$SO$_4$(OH)$_4$, Cu$^{2+}$ ($S=1/2$) quantum spins populate three-leg zigzag ladders in a highly frustrated quasi-one-dimensional structural motif. We demonstrate that at zero applied field, in addition to its recently reported low-temperature phase of coupled ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic spin chains, this mineral hosts an incommensurate helical+cycloidal state, an idle-spin state, and a multiple-$q$ phase which is the magnetic analog of misfit crystal structures. The antiferromagnetic order on the central leg is reentrant. The high tunability of the magnetism in antlerite makes it a particularly promising platform for pursuing exotic magnetic order.


Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 12 Jul 2022
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