Coupled frustrated ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic quantum spin chains in the quasi-one-dimensional mineral antlerite, Cu₃SO₄(OH)₄

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Magnetic frustration, the competition among exchange interactions, often leads to novel magnetic ground states with unique physical properties which can hinge on details of interactions that are otherwise difficult to observe. Such states are particularly interesting when it is possible to tune the balance among the interactions to access multiple types of magnetic order. We present antlerite, Cu₃SO₄(OH)₄, as a potential platform for tuning frustration. The low-temperature magnetic state of its three-leg zigzag ladders is a quasi-one-dimensional analog of the magnetic state recently proposed to exhibit spinon-magnon mixing in botallackite. Density functional theory calculations indicate that antlerite's magnetic ground state is exquisitely sensitive to fine details of the atomic positions, with each chain independently on the cusp of a phase transition, indicating an excellent potential for tunability.


Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 29 Mar 2022
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