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1076 Prizes
  1. 2022
  2. Best RPA Forum Research Paper Award

    Flechsig, C. (Recipient), Völker, M. (Recipient), Egger, C. (Recipient) & Weske, M. (Recipient), 14 Sep 2022

    Prize: Publication prize

  3. Honorary Doctorate by RWTH Aachen

    Baier, C. (Recipient), 9 Sep 2022

    Prize: HonorsHonorary doctorate

  4. E H Thompson Award

    Maiwald, F. (Recipient) & Maas, H. (Recipient), 7 Sep 2022

    Prize: Publication prize

  5. Aufzeichnung für das beste Paper mit dem Titel: Automated production of textile reinforced concrete modules for the assembly of shell structures

    Ivaniuk, E. (Recipient), Tošić, Z. (Recipient), Eichenauer, M. F. (Recipient), Müller, S. (Recipient), Lordick, D. (Recipient) & Mechtcherine, V. (Recipient), Sep 2022

    Prize: Other prize

  6. Best Oral Presentation (1st place)

    Ernst, H. (Recipient), 26 Aug 2022

    Prize: Conference prize

  7. Dr. Edward H. Bensley Osler Library Research Travel Grant

    Jüttemann, A. (Recipient), 1 Aug 2022

    Prize: Fellow/scholarshipMobility

  8. DGM Poster Award

    Lehmann, F. (Recipient), 31 Jul 2022

    Prize: Conference prize

  9. Ereignisbasierte Beschreibung chemischer Kinetiken durch Zustandswahrscheinlichkeit und Entropie

    Seifert, M. (Recipient), 27 Jul 2022

    Prize: Fellow/scholarshipResearch projects/Networks


    Jugel, D. (Recipient), 22 Jul 2022

    Prize: HonorsOutstanding Honors/Acknowledgements

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