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1451 Prizes
  1. 2023
  2. Travel Award

    Nazarov, F. (Recipient), Jan 2023

    Prize: Fellow/scholarshipMobility

  3. Travel Award

    Horn, S. (Recipient), Jan 2023

    Prize: Fellow/scholarshipMobility

  4. Award for Data Analysis in Imaging 2023

    Haase, R. (Recipient), 2023

    Prize: Prize for teaching (incl. supervision)

  5. Clarivate Highly Cited Researcher

    Alberti, S. (Recipient), 2023

    Prize: Other prize

  6. Diversity-sensitive teaching award: commendable mention

    Junker, C. (Recipient), 2023

    Prize: HonorsOther Honors/Acknowledgements

  7. ECTS Travel Award

    Lademann, F. (Recipient), 2023

    Prize: Other prize

  8. EMBO Membership

    Alberti, S. (Recipient), 2023

    Prize: HonorsHonorary membership in an Academy

  9. ERC Consolidator Grant

    Vaynzof, Y. (Recipient), 2023

    Prize: Fellow/scholarshipResearch projects/Networks

  10. Forschungspreis DGParo 2023

    Eickholz, P. (Recipient), Nickles, K. (Recipient), Göde, M. (Recipient), Koch, R. (Recipient), Kocher, T. (Recipient), Harks, I. (Recipient), Ehmke, B. (Recipient), Lorenz, K. (Recipient), Kim, T. (Recipient), Meyle, J. (Recipient), Kaner, D. (Recipient) & Schlagenhauf, U. (Recipient), 2023

    Prize: Research prize

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