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2. ICCC Workshop: Geodesy for Climate Research

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28 Mar 202329 Mar 2023


The growing data record from numerous geodetic observation techniques (GNSS station observations, satellite radio occultation and reflectometry, satellite gravimetry, satellite altimetry, InSAR, VLBI, GNSS controlled tide gauges, etc) provides a new quantitative view on various variables that are relevant for climate research, such as tropospheric water vapor, thermospheric neutral density, terrestrial water storage, ice sheet and glacier mass, sea level, sea surface winds, ocean waves, subsurface and surface currents, and sea ice extent and thickness. Geodetic observables are often compared with geophysical models, which helps to explain observations, and may potentially be used to evaluate and improve simulations through techniques such as data assimilation.


Title2. ICCC Workshop: Geodesy for Climate Research
Conference number
Duration28 - 29 March 2023
Degree of recognitionInternational event


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