Investigations on the aging resistance of sealing materials for the protection of bonded point fixings.

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Load-bearing, structural bonds are especially suitable for the material glass and become increasingly important in Glass Construction. Examples are bonded point fixings in façades. An essential requirement for this application is the durability of the adhesive joints. A failure of the joints is often caused by aging. In particular, this occurs when the adhesive is in contact with harmful media, e.g. water or corrosive media like acid rain, seawater and detergents. The joint is penetrated by the harmful media, which results in adhesive failure. For protection, the ingress of the harmful media can be prevented by the use of sealing materials. One possible sealing system for bonded point fixings are O-rings. These can be made of different elastomers with various Shore hardnesses. O-rings ensure the protection of the adhesive joint but only if they withstand even the aging process and not lose their function over the expected lifetime. Therefore, it was the aim of the study to test O-rings based on EPDM, silicone and NBR with different Shore hardnesses for their resistance to aging. For this purpose, various artificial aging methods were used, which considered, in addition to the critical harmful media, also heat and UV aging.


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  • sealing materials, bonded point fixings, aging methods